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sukanto Kuri
2022. júl. 18.
In Sports Forum
Whole family The finale is the cold pasta with basil seafood. In this cold pasta, which is very suitable for summer tasting, the basil green sauce is combined with shrimp, squid, and the fragrant muscadine white wine vinegar, which is full of fashion and adult feeling. ; Add a fragrant marjoram into the dish, which is the most suitable healing food to soothe yourself after a busy and intense day. 7/13 Vanilla series starts with discounts , let the beauty of the land continue Can't wait to let the herbs from small farmers in Taitung accompany you to spend the summer with a refreshing aroma? Starting from July 13, in addition to four herbal delicacies that can be enjoyed by the whole family, you can also purchase the left-hand incense wash series products at a discounted price. Every time you spend, you will be used to support the Photo Manipulation Service charity donation program, in response to the "Change a Generation with Diet" campaign, and donate to the Seediq children's sustainable food and agriculture education program. Go to the official website now and arrange a summer that is not boring or boring for yourself! Most people have their own opinions on eating fruit, but not all of them have correct knowledge. Knowing the relevant knowledge of fruit and clarifying the concept, the more you eat, the healthier you will be. Myth 1: Fruit tastes sweet and sour, is it an acidic food? Nutritionists tell us that everyday foods can be divided into two broad categories: One is acidic food, represented by meat, eggs, rice, noodles, etc. The other category is alkaline foods, mainly vegetables, fruits and milk. So fruit is alkaline. Acidic foods must have a pH less than 7.0, and alkaline foods must have a pH greater than 7.0? No, what they represent is that the effect on the human body is relative, that is to say, after acidic food enters the human body, it is not necessarily acidification; after alkaline food enters the human body, it is not necessarily alkalization.
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